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Interesting places in the surroundings

Some useful links on the sights in nearby surroundings.

  • Beskydské studánky (the Beskydy springs)
    International project aimed at revitalizing the springs in Beskydy. On this website a map can be found as well as routes you can follow to explore the secrets of the springs.
  • Brumov
    The castle
  • Bystřička
    Official site of the municipality. Lots of information on history of the area, old photographs from the period of construction of the dam, a discourse on templar castle Freundsberg which stood on top of Klenov above the Oáza Inn a long time ago. A program of an open-air cinema located in the neighbourhood of the Oáza Inn is avaiblable there, too.
  • Gympleři
    SWebsite of a country band Gympleři and the festival Starý dobrý western (Good old western) organized regularly every year in the open-air cinema Bystřička in the neighbourhood of the Oáza Inn.
  • Francova Lhota
    Website of the local authorities. There are well-known Pulčínské skály (the Pulčínské Rocks) located in the nearby village of Pulčín.
  • Homo Hardcoreus
    Traditional triathlon organized near the Bystřička Dam
  • Hodslavice
    n the birthplace of the famous historian František Palacký the wooden church from the 16th century is well worth visiting.
  • Hovězí
    Website of the municipality. There is a baroque stone cross dated from 1792 located next to a local parish church. Another valuable historic monument can be seen there – a single-staged chateau called kaštýl built in 1681. On the village green there is a stone statue of Saint Jan Nepomucký dated from 1712.
  • Hutisko-Solanec - Website of the local authorities
  • Observatory Valašské Meziříčí
    Observations open to the public take place there regularly
  • Observatory Vsetín
  • Choryně
    In the northern part of the town there are two ponds called Velký Choryňský rybník and Malý Choryňský rybník with sedge meadows, it’s a zoological reserve. On the south-east edge of the town you will find a chateau with a park.
  • Chráněná území Zlínského kraje (Zlín District)
  • Jarcová
    You can find a baroque plague pillar in the town and above the town there is a rock formation called Jarčovská gula – a natural monument. The nature trail Masarykova stezka leads around it.
  • Karlovské muzeum, Velké Karlovice (museum)
    Tip for trip. The museum doesn’t rank among the most famous, however it offers various interesting events and art exhibitions. Don’t forget to visit Soláň and the atelier of Karel Hofman.
  • Karolinka
    Website of the local authorities. In Raťková you will find several timbered houses in the past belonging to the Orsagh family. In the town you can visit a gallery presenting works of art created by Jiljí Hartinger.
  • Kelč
    Website of the local authorities. The Renaissance Chateau, the statue of Saint Jan Nepomucký in front of it (dated from app. 1800), a statue from the end of the 18th century called Malá Kalvárie next to the church Kostel Sv. Petra a Pavla.
  • Klub českých turistů Vsetín (Club of Czech Tourists Vsetín)
  • Lešná (by Valašské Meziříčí)
    Website of Lešná and surrounding municipalities. There is a chateau with a large park in the town.
  • Liptál - Website of the municipality
  • Městská knihovna Valašské Meziříčí (Public library of the town Valašské Meziříčí)
  • Masarykova knihovna Vsetín (Masaryk’s library Vsetín)
  • Mikroregion Meziříčsko
  • Mikulůvka
    Official website of the local authorities. There is an interesting monument at the town of Mlýnec – the former mill, today owned by Svaz ochránců přírody (Association of conservationists). There is a reconstructed timbered belfry located close to the centre of the town. In the summer visitors can relax in the swimming pool located in the town.
  • Muzeum regionu Valašsko ve Vsetíně (Museum of Valašsko region in Vsetín)
  • Nový Hrozenkov
    Another historic monuments of the town except the church are timbered cottages in the centre of the town. The last one of them was rebuilt and today serves as a memorial of the painter Antonín Strnadel
  • Pustevny
    Very important local monument made by the architect Dušan Jurkovič.
  • Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
    Website of the local authorities.
  • Růžďka
    Website of the local authorities and the town. There is a trail leading through the town beginning by the Oáza Inn. The trail is devoted to an evangelical history of this area.
  • Valašská krajina - informace o přírodě a krajině (Valašsko – information on nature and land)
    (Valašsko – information on nature and land)
  • Valašské Meziříčí
    There is a branch of the regional museum located in the town. You will find a lapidarium in the church Kostel Nejsvětější trojice dated from the end of the 16th century. It is open in the summer season. Various rock concerts are organised regularly in M-klub.
  • Valašské muzeum v přírodě (Open-air museum of Valašsko)
    Website of the famous skanzen (little wooden town) in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (also on
  • Velká Lhota
    In this town the old wooden toleration church can be found. The famous Czech writer Jan Karafiát lived and worked there. A good tip for an afternoon walk.
  • Velké Karlovice
    Website of the municipality. The centre of glass industry in Valašsko. Preserved country architecture in its original setting. Timbered church Kostel Panny Marie Sněžné. There is a Jewish cemetery located near the road to Soláň used from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Vlček Bartoš
    Writer, one of the founders of expressionist Literary circle, a native of nearby Růžďka.
  • Vsetín
    Website of the local authorities. In the square you will find a gallery V poschodí, otherexhibition rooms are located in Stará radnice (Old Town Hall), near the chateau Vsetín.
  • Vsetínský zámek
    Permanent exhibition devoted to the fight of Valaši (inhabitants of Valašsko) for the religious liberty.
  • Vyškeřák
    Humoristic magazine for Valašsko
  • Zašová
    There is a protected building of the former monastic church dated from 1725-1728. Its two towers were finished in 1768. On the altar there is a late gothic pilgrim painting of so called Zašovská madona from the 15th century. The statue of Saint Jan Nepomucký dates from the 18th century. In front of the church there is a stone cross erected in 1805. The visitors can admire a natural curiosity – oak and lime tree grown together.
  • Zlínský kraj
    Official server of our district
  • Zubří
    Website of the town. One of the historic monuments of the town is the church Kostel Sv. Kateřiny, built in 1785. In front of the cultural centre there is a statue Valašská madona (by sculptor Vladimír Navrátil). In the northern part of the town about 900 years old yew grows and approximately 1 km to the east from the town there is a protected field of saffron. The visitors will certainly appreciate a heated swimming pool in the town.

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