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Bystřička Přehrada (the Bystřička Dam) – the jewel of Valašsko

Přehrada BystřičkaThe choice of a location for construction of the dam in Bystřička was an ingenious idea not only concerning the technical plan, but in particular for its positioning into the beautiful surroundings of the local mountains. This way the architects and the constructors managed to enrich the spectacular scenery of the place. After 4 year construction of the whole complex of the dam the landscape pattern has been emphasized and has provided excelent opportunities for Bystřička and the neighbouring municipalities – till that time the remote corner of Valašsko, in particular for recreation and tourism.

Přehrada BystřičkaPřehrada BystřičkaThe visitors of the Bystřička Dam would certainly be interested in some data about this water dam concerning its function and parameters: It took 4 years to build the dam using dynamite, shovel, mattock, wheelbarrow and a narrow-gauge railway. The construction costs reached 7 million Czech crowns (currency of the 1. Czechoslovak Republic). The basin has a capacity of 4.4 million m3 of water, its surface covers 37.8 ha. As a result of damming of 63.8 km2 of the river basin, the 2 km long lake arose.Přehrada Bystřička The sluice under the embankment has a capacity of 500 mm and 200 mm, the sluice of 114 m long tunnel 700 mm. Through both sluices app. 15 m3 of water flows. On the left side of the dam, 150 m from the embankment, there is an emergency weir that was used in full by floods in 1997. The tidal water is diverted into the deceleration reservoirs and the steps. The downstream and the upstream tidal reservoirs are connected by two bridges .

Initially the dam was intended to serve the needs of water supply of the canal for three rivers Dunaj-Odra-Labe. Its construction has never begun. In spite of this fact the dam is very useful. It abates the after-effects of floods, offers opportunities for sports and recreation and contributes to the magnificence of surrounding nature. It became a paradise for bathing, boating, fishing and last but not least serves as a place, where trainings and competitions of the Czech rescue workers from all over the country take place.

Shortly after completion of the dam, Bystřička became a starting point for tours to the mountains around Vsetín and to Beskydy. Tourist routes to Dušná and Vsadský Cáb are well-known and popular as well as routes leading to Valašské Meziříčí, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Solanec and other places.

Bystřička Přehrada invites you to take pleasure in its nature beauties, to play some sport, to take a rest and enjoy the hospitality of Oáza Restaurant & Bar offering meals of both local and international cuisine, wide range of drinks and also accommodation all the year round. We are looking forward to your visit and are ready to offer our services to you.


Přehrada Bystřička

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